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Monday, August 22nd, 2005
12:22 pm - new permanent blog: worship the glitch
ok. my new blog is up at http://worshiptheglitch.com.

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
12:37 pm - my journal
obviously, i no longer maintain a journal here at lj. i stick around to read journals, tho...
if you want to find me, my journal is at linkfilter now. http://linkfilter.net/?s=j;user=glitch%20p-udding


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Saturday, July 14th, 2001
6:09 pm - icq transcript
SARAH: so tell me about the cd you're working on.

ERIC: my roomate's gilfriend heard me working on some stuff and asked if i could make her a cd. well, she was just the newest in a long line of peple who've asked me to do that....but i'm not good at archiving my recordings....i could find 1 frickin song. but, thankfully jake has a bunch of stuff that i've done....so i got that stuff back from him. i've probably lost 50% of my completed work over the years....or at least lost samples or segments needed to record the song to cd. trying to take advantage of all the latest advancments in music technology=running lots of buggy software and doing things that make your computer crash.

SARAH: hmmm...you need a secretary. get on that. they're good at organizing. maybe you should think about employing jake.
um...yeah...i once asked you for a cd i never got--i figured i'd throw that in as a reminder.
and that's not good. from what i hear, you're incredibly talented--and you should be saving everything. (speaks the girl who's been known to burn things she's written)

ERIC: i know....you're definitely on my list

SARAH: and do you get excited when you crash your computer? like you have a creativity that is beyond technological comprehension?

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5:46 pm - pondering a mix
I'm pondering releasing my cd as a continuous mix...I recently started messing around with the concept of beat matching and mixing tracks. Kinda neat. It's a bit of a challege since I don't listen to or make music typically mixed by dj's. I can't stand house, trance and stuff like that.

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5:36 pm - music
So, various people have been pestering me to put out a new cd of my music. Unfortunately, this has been a slow period for me. Lots of unifinished work, but probably two years worth of it. So I've decided to go ahead and release 80 minutes of nearly completed music.

I have virtually none of these recordings myself and had to pester my friends in order to get copies of anything I had given them.

Now I have far too much to sort through. Even though a very small amount of the planet will hear this stuff, it's scary putting your art out there. Of course, my worst fear is that nobody will listen to it at all.

It'll be good to put all of this stuff behind me tho. Putting this music out will put all of my past work behind me and allow me to move forward. I've been dwelling on finishing this stuff for so long, but I think I'm just going to let 'em go.

Tori Amos always talks about her songs as if they are children. Well, I'm kicking my kids out a bit shy of their 18th birthday, so perhaps they are still a bit rough around the edges. I worry though, people who never heard my first "proper" release will be introduced to my work through a bunch of half-done material, but I guess that's the way it'll have to be.

I still am proud of this music, however. It's much more live and improvised than my previous stuff, which can either give the music some great energy or it can really clutter things up.

Anyway, I don't have source materials for any of this stuff so if I can't rescue a 2-track recording in wavelab, it's a lost cause.

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Tuesday, July 10th, 2001
11:26 pm - goofy pic
here's a photoshop pic i did for fark.com. spent all of 5 minutes on it...but it looks kind of funny. the robots are from the movie "heartbeeps". anyone seen that?

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Sunday, June 24th, 2001
8:49 pm - fixing ween recordings
I'm planning on remastering some of the ween recordings floating around on the net. There are some that are just lowfi recordings, while others are just low bitrate mp3s. Anyway, I was going to take requests from Ween fans and see if I can squeeze some extra life out of these recordings. My first attempt will be "Booze Me Up And Get Me High". Any recordings I have come across seem to be lacking treble, among other things. Anyway, I'm more than interested to hear what other tracks people think are lacking.

Note, I'm only talking about unreleased tracks and outtakes from albums, no commercially released studio albums. They don't need to be fixed anyway, except for GodWeenSatan, which Gene and Dean are remastering themselves. Also, I have no clue if I'll be able to do anything good for any of these tracks. I suspect that some will be easier than others. At any rate, I don't have original tapes or anything, so I'm somewhat limited with what I can do.

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4:58 pm - artsy-fartsy. but more fart than art.
I spent all of 30 seconds writing this thing in order to send it to Scratchbot which will supposedly create an audio file based on what I wrote and send it to me. Haven't received the file yet, so I don't really know what to expect. We'll see.

current mood: bored

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3:53 pm - Fresno, home of the....umm.....lessee....nothing

"The best little city in the USA" We're so proud, as is evidenced by the upkeep on our sign here. To be truthful, nobody ever sees this sign due to it being way out in the boonies. But it does say a lot about a large city, right in the middle of California....that nobody's ever heard of. Sure, we get referenced in Beastie Boys songs and TV shows....we even had a miniseries based on life in Fresno starring Charles Grodin and Carol Burnett. But we're always the butt of a joke. Which is fine. I can certainly laugh at this town.

Anyone else live in a large, fairly modern city that for some reason is looked down upon by just about everyone...even smaller, less developed towns?

Has anyone ever heard of Fresno, or heard jokes about Fresno?

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3:30 pm - remix work
I've been working on a dub remix of Ana Voog's "Spoons For Seven" today. I'm making some progress. I haven't really tried to do a remix in years and years. I tend to write music with little structure, and to try to keep some of Ana's song structure intact in my remix is really good practice.

I got a hokey little Intel PocketCam/Webcam the other day. Went around taking pictures. Gonna post some of them here shortly.

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Thursday, June 21st, 2001
2:41 pm - audio experimentation
I have a streaming radio station that is made up of nothing but my musical soundscapes. It's just a bunch of lengthy, live, first-take, totally improvised noise-fests. I had no idea what I was going to play until I started recording them. Some are kinda neat, others might cause your head to explode. They were all just experiments, research if you will, that lead to later tracks. I'm getting ready to put my entire catalog of real tracks on a new station soon. You can listen to my streaming soundscape nonsense here

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2:19 pm - man it's hot
it's so hot right now. I'm doing misc cleaning chores today. Basically that means trying to match all of my CD's with their proper cases. Anyone else have this problem? It takes roughly 1 week for hundreds of my CD's to somehow remove themselves from their cases.

current mood: Hot

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2001
4:46 pm - techno-proof
Is anything truly techno-proof? Is there anything that won't become computerized and electrified in the future? Devices such as the telephone, which previously ran without electricity (other than that which is supplied directly via the phone line), but now most people use cell phones or at least portables. What's next? Will toilets become computerized? Almost certainly. Is there any good reason for them to be? Not at all. But we already have Internet refrigerators, so it'll probably happen.

I can foresee a future in which food will have computer chips in it. Edible computers are entirely possible. Necessary? Who knows?

Humans already have things like pacemakers and insulin pumps...that'll only progress further in the future.

Can anyone think of anything that will always be computer/electricity-free

current mood: contemplative

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4:30 pm - new nin video
I just saw the new Nine Inch Nails video. I really love NIN, but I don't care for the "Deep" song at all. But the video is quite a piece of art, with a storyline and everything. Really intense colors in the video. I found it in alt.binaries.mpeg.videos if you want to see it without having to actually watching MTV.

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1:51 pm - ugh....warm cola beverage
Man, I've been sucking on the same McDonalds SuperSize coke since I bought it with Breakfast at 9:30 this morning. It's nearly 2:00 now. Oh well, at least it's keeping me awake.

I've been trying to play live instruments again instead of being purely computer based when it comes to music. I'm still using the computer a lot, because I love synths and sampled drums...but it feels nice to play guitar and keyboards again.

current mood: awake

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Saturday, June 16th, 2001
12:11 am - ween mp3s
download ween mp3s from www.boognish.org/ripvan/. i'm somewhat obsessed with them lately. and with good reason, i suppose. just watched "cannibal women in the avocado jungle of death". surprisingly funny flick.

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2001
8:51 pm
Playing with Jeskola Buzz....great music authoring program. having the same problem i have a lot lately with my music...i seldom get past proof of concept.

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6:18 pm
Somebody's putting together a Ween tribute CD. I think I might try to work on something for it. Might call up Steve from Big D and The Kids Table and see if he wants to work on it with me long distance (he's in MA, I'm in CA).

current mood: artistic

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6:07 pm - what's with mp3.com
i submitted some of my music to mp3.com a couple of months ago. for years people have been telling me to get my music out there...so i fianlly do, and mp3.com just sits on it. they haven't posted the tracks and they don't tell me anything other than that they haven't been validated yet.

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4:39 am - 4:39
I gotta get on a regular sleep schedule. I should be getting up soon and I hven't even gone to sleep yet. Been reading a lot through Ana Voog's live journal for the first time. I've been a fan of her site/music for a few years now...but never really got involved. Perhaps I will finally.

I once did a remix of Please God when I got the original mail-order single. never sent it to her. it wasn't the greatest thing i'd ever done, but it was interesting or amusing to listen to. i wonder if i still have that thing.

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